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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thank You

Hello dear friends!  OK you guys!  I purposely disengaged the comments part on my last post because I didn't want you to feel that you must write something, but you figured out how to get around that, didn't you?  As my mother would say, "du kliener divel"! Ha!  But seriously, I want to thank you all that left comments or e-mailed me, your words of encouragement and kindness truly touched my heart.  If you are ever discouraged about the state of affairs of the world, just go read some of those comments and you will discover that the world is full of wonderful, kind, caring people in spite of what the news networks will tell you.  So thank you from the very bottom of my heart, my cup runneth over!  I've been busy and haven't been commenting on your blogs as often, but I suspect after a brief vacation from the computer, I will again, so don't think I've forgotten about you all.  This time I will allow the comments to go through, so if you want to get in contact with me to ask a question or just to say "hi", you can do so there.  By the by, I wanted to share a picture of our back forty, isn't it beautiful?  In spite of the very cold and discouraging Spring weather, it is one of the prettiest Springs I remember in a long time. I hope that you all are having the goldenest of days!