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Friday, July 8, 2011


God speaks to me all the time.  In the certainty of a decision.  In what some people call coincidences.  In the glory of a garden.  But one time God spoke to me in a voice.  A very loud and authoritative voice.  When I was fourteen, blissfully going about life, just beginning my freshman year of high school.  I remember it as if it just happened  minutes ago.  I was putting my books in my locker, when I heard a very real and very loud voice say "This is your husband".  At the same moment my friend Kurt Centella was speaking to me, trying to introduce me to his friend Randy.  I turned around and stared into the bluest eyes and I knew.  I often wonder why our marriage was so important to God that he personally introduced us.  What did he have in store for us?  I do know that together that we've reared wonderful, successful, hard-working, and more importantly kind and generous children.  We've made a pretty good stab at this thing called life.  And we certainly have enjoyed the struggles along the way.

I know no one wants to hear it, so I'll just say that neither one of us had a happy childhood. So when we left  home to marry, we knew that there would be no running home to mama if things didn't work out, which was actually a blessing in disguise.  We took the part of the vows about cleaving to each other very seriously.  We were united in adversity as many so-called friends discouraged us by arguing that we were too young (19 and 21), needed to get out and explore the world more, needed more experience in life, etc. I often ponder if those people have made happier marriages than we have, it's doubtful..  As for the exploring the world, it was much better to do it together.  At the end of the day, the best place in the world has been our own dear little home, and no five star restaurant could serve a tastier dish than strawberries and peas plucked from the vine and eaten right there in the garden.

So today, after thirty-three years together, we still laugh, dream and scheme together.  We still cleave to each other in hardships.  And he still sees me as that young girl not the fifty-two year old woman that I am!   With love and fidelity to my dear Ran, the most exasperating and wonderful person on Earth!

The picture is of our front garden.  Ran loves hostas and this one is huge.  I get a lot of hosta envy from fellow gardeners  over this one!


  1. Beautiful picture, beautiful post. I've heard God's voice too. Once when I was so disappointed in my area churches I drove into the city (very brave for me as I was fearful of big roads and big cities) and I heard "This is it, this will do for now" as I drove past a church. (so I pulled over and joined it). And, again, when a son was seriously ill as a 5-year old, I heard the words "Pray to Faustina" (now St. faustina) (and I was never one to think of praying for a favor) as I passed a statue of Our Lady of Mercy (which is Polish) in that church! (And he had a miraculous recovery. love,andrea

  2. That's wonderful Andrea! I love to hear this stories about miracles. I've experienced several major ones in my own life. But I think a plant that develops from a tiny little seed is truly a miracle, so everyday I get to experience them! Life is so good.

  3. Hosta envy is an ailment that I have suffered chronically these past years... Yes I feel another attack coming on!

    Happy Anniversary. Give 'Ol Blue Eyes' an extra hug from Oregon, and enjoy it!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I love the story of your meeting Jane. Hearing God's voice - especially at that your age - is so inspiring.

    I have to admit, tho' that even though I've felt direction from God and felt his presence in specific situations, I have not heard His voice (that I remember). I think I need to "listen" more. What a blessing to claim!

  5. dear jane
    beautiful pictures.i like hostas too.
    i love your story.....
    happy anniversary!!1
    love regina

  6. Will do Debbie. Hope you are feeling better!

    Hi Sandy! When I look at how young fourteen is now days, it sometimes seems very unreal. But we were born old souls.

    Hi Regina! There's something about hostas They're exotic and homey at the same time. I particularly love the blue green ones. The color is so refreshing Thanks for your well wishes!

  7. Jane your story today was so beautiful. It filled my eyes to the brim with happy tears. My husband Tony and I also have had to cleave to one another through out our life together. You are so right when you say that it was a blessing in disguise. Whenever a trial or storm of life comes our way, it is a trial that is cut in two, because we face it together, and life is sweeter and more meaningful because of the shared experience and memories. Happy Anniversary to you and Ran! Enjoy your special day...Delisa :)

  8. Happy Anniversary Jane, I loved your story, I love hearing how married couples met up. Beautiful hostas as well. Hope you and your hubby had a wonderful day :) ~April

  9. Thank you Delisa! I know people now days like to write there own marriage vows, but the old-fashioned vows have so much to say about what marriage is and should be. If only people would take them seriously, there would be a lot less divorces.

    Thank you for your kind wishes April!

  10. Happy Anniversary Jane,
    So happy for your both- we were young too 18 and 20-those naysayers if we could see them now!
    Have a great Saturday.

  11. Thanks Vickie! I think the best thing was that we were so young and naive we just grew up together. I know plenty of people that married later in life and aren't nearly as happy.

  12. What a wonderful story!

    Leaving our parents and cleaving to one another was good for us too.


  13. amazing story!

    1. Thank you! We'll be celebrating our 38th anniversary in a few short weeks. And I appreciate my husband more each passing day.

      Have a happy weekend!