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Monday, August 1, 2011


Been really busy here with canning, drying, weeding and harvesting, but I won't bore you with the details.  On Saturday Ran was cutting some branches when a branch scratched his cornea, so he can't see well enough to drive himself back to Wisconsin  for at least a few days.  He also can't be outside in the bright sunlight.  So today he was pacing around the house.  I wonder what he'll do when he retires?  Anyway, he was driving me batty so I suggested that we take a drive down the shoreline to Lexington sixty miles away. Usually I don't like to drive with him because he is a bit of a back seat driver, but I figured since he would have his eyes shut for most of the time it would be bearable.  Every once and a great while he'd pop his eyes open and say "Brake lights!"  or something like that, but for the most part he was pretty silent.

These little day trip are so pleasurable.  There's plenty to see in our own back yard.  I think we often take the wonderful local attractions for granted, thinking it isn't a real vacation unless a lot of time and expense  is involved. There's quaint little towns with charming little shops. Several lighthouses with museums attached. 

If you're a fan of the movie Summer Stock wouldn't it be fun to attend a play at this theater held in a barn?  This month's play is Arsenic and Old Lace.

  Smackwater Jacks serves the best barbecue chicken or Greek pizzas.  We give up being vegan for the day just so we can enjoy one.  And there's plenty of pretty Victorian architecture to see when you aren't enjoying   looking at the beautiful lakeshore!

Well, I couldn't get away without giving you a recipe or how-to.  Raspberries are ripe right now.  I submitted this recipe to  Taste of Home a long time ago and won. Goodness!  it was three houses ago.  I don't add the pink coloring or mint leaves, that was something that the editors added.  I like mine a pale lime green!


  1. Looks like a lovely day!! All of the locations pictured look like really interesting places to visit! Your recipe sounds yummy!! I agree, there are wonderful places to visit close to home, I love having little outings with my family to some interesting place close to home.

  2. Nice pictures! I would love to go into that general store. yummy pie too...neat...I get taste of home emails constantly....I printed your recipe. Hope your husband's cornea heals. My husband hurt his a year ago by poking his comb into his eye! The dr. gave him meds to calm the nerve and antibiotic, and it took a couple months before it felt better. Your husband is a "back-seat driver" like I am! My husband hates to go anywhere with me in the passenger seat! love,andrea

  3. What a wonderful place to visit, then come home to a piece of that fabulous looking pie with coffee... a perfect day! Unless you are the one with the scratched cornea in which case it's an ALMOST perfect day...

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. How absolutely beautiful your day trip was! It is just as I imagine your part of the world... lush and charming!

    Hope Ran's eye gets better soon! That is a nasty boo-boo to have!

    Delicious recipe, too! Now, all I need is for the raspberries to come in!

  5. Hi Jane! I sure hope that Ran's eye heals up soon. I'm sorry to hear that he had the accident in the garden. How nice that you were able to spend the day together and take such a lovely day trip. It looks like it was a beautiful day. The pictures are wonderful. I love the lighthouse photo.

    My husband and I both enjoy visiting lighthouses. They have two really tall ones nearby us, one at Tybee Island and another at Hunting Island. Last year, I made it a goal to climb to the top of Tybee Light. When I made it to the top and Ranger came up and gave me a special button. :) He really did, bless his heart. It was kind of a big deal for me, it took me forever and Tony had to help me, but I felt like "Rocky" when I walked out the door and onto the balcony! :) It was a wonderful view and a very happy memory. We also visited several lighthouses in Maine a few years ago. I think my husband would have loved to be a lighthouse keeper back in the 1800's! I would have loved it too as long as I had my knitting. haha

    What a great recipe! I love Taste of Home Magazine. How neat that your recipe was published. Have you ever seen the new recipe magazine called Semi-Homemade? I really like that one. I hope you have a good week ahead Jane and that you and Ran enjoy your extra long visit, and his time off of work! Delisa :)

  6. Hi April! There's certainly a lot to do right in our own backyard. This coming weekend there's a civil war re-enactment, a lighthouse festival, a county fair and another little town is having a festival. All within 25 miles from home. We really should never be bored!

    Morning Andrea! You'd love that old general store it's been in business for over a hundred years. Hope Ran's eye doesn't take that long!

    It is a beautiful place Debbie! You are welcome to come check it out! Forgot to take some pictures of the lake!

    Hi Matty! It certainly is lush around here! Sometimes it seems like the forest is growing right up into the road. The neighbor is just letting all her raspberries go to waste on her bushes. It's driving me crazy!

    Congratulations Delisa on making that climb! What an achievement for you! I bet the view was spectacular. I knew a couple of lighthouse keepers. I can't believe that they got paid to live in a lighthouse, I'd do it for free. Now all the lighthouses are maintained by the Coast Guard so I guess I missed my chance. An old family friend Jack, was a keeper on one of those that was located out in the middle of the lake. He said it nearly drove him crazy, especially in the winter when they had a snow squall.

  7. Dear Jane,

    Ouch, a scratched cornea is no fun! Thank the Lord it wasn't serious. You made me snicker with the "backseat driver" comments. :)

    I love day trips, too. There are amusement parks and all sorts of that kind of thing around here, but I'll take peeking at a historical site any day!

    I think a barn theater sounds quite romantic. My brother was in "Arsenic and Old Lace" way back when, in a theater out in the middle of nowhere. It brings back memories!

    Hope you're staying cool today.



  8. I love trips like this, Jane! It makes me want to hop in the car today!! There is just so much to see and enjoy along the way. I especially like the photo of the church; very different style than what we see around here.

    Looks like you had a perfect day!

  9. Marqueta, we had a cool day yesterday. Wish I could have packed it up and sent some down your way! Ran's eye is getting better and he was able to drive back home yesterday. A barn theater does sound romantic!

    Sandy, for some reason there's a lot of Gothic style houses and buildings in this neck of the woods. Guess whoever was building back then knew that style the best.

  10. This really makes me miss the trips hubby & I used to take--alas, we are living and working too far apart to do one of these anytime soon. Maybe I need to find another "partner in crime", this reminds me of how long it's been since I went someplace just to see the sights.

  11. I can commiserate Charlene! But your time together is all the sweeter. Listening to my friends complain about their husband, I've discovered it must be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. A partner in crime sounds fun!

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  13. Ola Magia!Muito obrigado! Eu poderia usar o abraço hoje! Algum dia eu vou descobrir como instalar o Google podemos traduzir conerse mais facilmente. Ou talvez seria mais fácil para eu dominar o idioma Português!

  14. Ha! Inez! Eu não sabia que Magia não era o seu nome em primeiro lugar! Desculpe por isso! Acho que você deve ter pensado que eu era um pouco louco!

  15. hi jane,
    beautiful photos from a wonderful trip.wonderful builds!!!I think Wisconsin is wonderful.
    i wish you a nice evening,
    love regina