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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There always comes a day in September when we pull ourselves away from all the busyness of summer to take notice that the world is tinged in a golden glow.  That is when we know it is time to make a journey to the cider mill.  So we head out past the coastline of the endless blue inland sea, past the dark forests, to the country lane that winds its way around a tranquil and meandering river. Here we feast our eyes upon bucolic farms, giving us peace as we are reminded that "The Lord is our Shepherd.". I send up a short prayer of gratitude. A magnificent bull grazing in a meadow makes us pause.

At last we arrive at the cider mill.  The spicy scent of apples  and that tantalizing smell of doughnuts frying, envelopes  the air.  We are so happy to find a bushel of one of our favorite apples, Wolf River and cider in real glass jugs.  Glass jugs appeal to the romantic in me.  We linger here, not wanting to break the spell of a enchanted ordinary day, sipping cider and nibbling on a doughnut.  It is the type of day I call a benediction day.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
and give you peace.

~Numbers 6: 24-26~


  1. Mmmm, I can just imagine that wonderful smell! Sounds like a wonderful outing! I love apple season, it begs for cider and donuts!! Your pictures are beautiful- and lovely prayer!

  2. How delish this sounds! I love the smell of cider, don't you? This weekend, I will be at the Molasses making on top of the mountain. I hope there will be cider there, too!

  3. Isn't autumn wonderful April? I wish I could bottle it and give it to anyone who is brokenhearted.

    Hi Matty! I'd love to see molasses being made. Our favorite cider maker doesn't make his until after the first hard frost. He has an old-fashioned wooden press and he doesn't mess about with any "quaint" buildings. But boy is it ever good. Lots of good pulp at the bottom of the jug. And pumpkin doughnuts too. If that doesn't sound like heaven, I don't know what does!

  4. I was going to start out saying "Mmmm" too..ha..I was thinking that I could use a drive out to a mill like that! It can be so refreshing! love,andrea

  5. dear jane
    it sounds that you have had a wonderful day.cider and doughnuts a wonderful combinationen.lovely pics. i am still working on my apples.
    have a nice day,
    love regina

  6. Wish you could have come along with my Andrea! It really refreshed my spirits!

    Hello Regina! Maybe you'll have to make cider with all those apples! That would use up a bunch. Just remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Guess you'll be nice and healthy this year!

  7. Oh the scent must have been glorious! Autumn is so wonderful - all those apples. :D


  8. Hi Maria! Yes the scent was so wonderful. Would have liked to camp out there for a day or two. What is it about the scent of apples they makes you feel so cozy? I know that you have that Bible verse on your blog. It was so appropriate for the day. You really could feel the Lord's face shining down upon you!

  9. A beautiful post; perfect for a Fall day! Thanks!

  10. Hi Jane, it sounds like you had one of those special perfect days! Days like that are to be treasured. Donuts and apple cider sound heavenly! My husband and his family used to go to cider mills in the fall when he was a little boy and they talk about it often. I have never been. It must taste wonderful. There was a little town in California where I grew up called Julian, that is known for it's apple orchards. They didn't make cider, but had several bakeries that were famous for apple pies! No one would think of going to Julian without bringing back a few extra pies for their friends! :) One year two of my girlfriends and I stayed there at a bed and breakfast and went antique shopping. I bought a bright cardinal red glass cake plate, and every time I see it I think of that wonderful weekend. I hope you have a lovely evening ahead, and thank you again Jane for all of your months of faithful and encouraging comments on my blog!
    Delisa :)

  11. Thank you Sandy!

    Now I wish I had taken a picture of the cider mill to share, Delisa. My camera only allows for six pictures and as usual I only had room for the sheep (they're important) and that wonderful sleek bull. Fresh pressed cider, when made by a skilled ciderist, is like tasting all the delights of autumn. Unfortunately, the stuff you get in the stores doesn't taste anything like it.

  12. Thanks Jane, I saw your oatmeal recipe at gooseberry patch's blog (along with alot of soup recipes!). I am so forgetful that I have 6 cans of cherry pie filling....I bought 2 at a time, forgetting that I already had some, twice! love,andrea

  13. Hi Andrea! I can't tell you if the recipe is good for certain because my taste buds aren't working properly at the moment due to allergies (I hope), but my son, Jamie, said it tasted good. If you scroll down a couple of posts there was a recipe for apple fritter bread. Oh my! Does that look wonderful!

  14. Jane, the apple cider sounds heavenly. One of the worst things about my area is that you have to travel hours to really find good apples for sale. I try to always find an excuse to visit my brother in Maryland so that I can come home with cider and a few bushels of apples. I don't know if I'll make it this year so I've put my mind to trying to figure out a bribe that will get him to come down. :-)

  15. Hi Shara! Yeah, I forgot the good apples need that cold weather. Maybe you can bribe your brother with the promise of a hot apple pie.

  16. Oh Jane -it looks like you had a perfect day for it. There is just nothing like a donut at the Apple Orchard- picked one up at the supermarket called apple cider doughnuts. Not sure what it was but it wasn't a apple cider doughnut!
    I'm with you on glass jugs and apple cider - it taste better I think.
    Have a wonderful last day of summer

  17. Yeah, Vickie, it isn't very romantic to get your donuts and cider from the grocers. Another good thing about the glass jug is that you can reuse it for keeping cold water in the fridge!

  18. Hi Jane, just stopped by to say hello! I hope you are having a nice Monday. It sure has been raining cats and dogs here today. I went to the doctor this morning and stopped in at the Walmart. I was walking down the isle toward the middle of the store, and suddenly I could hear the thunder crashing and the rain pounding on the roof. Then suddenly with a snap, all the lights went out. It was pitch black, babies started crying people were confused, calling to one another, laughing nervously. I just sat down on my walker, the old boy scout motto, going through my head "if you get lost stay where you are!" haha. I don't even know why because I was never a boy scout. :) It was just a little adventure, but an adventure all the same. All is well now, home safe and sound, waiting for the next wave to hit us, I can hear it rumbling in the distance. Have a good afternoon! Delisa :)

  19. Doughnuts and apple cider? Be still my heart. Of course it wouldn't smell or taste as perfect if it weren't found in the sensory stimulating countryside...

    Blessings, Debbie

  20. Dear Jane,

    What beautiful photos, and imagery, too! My mouth is watering right now (I shall have to hunt up a local apple farm!). :)



  21. Benediction Day...I like that. We had a place where we last lived called Apple Acres. Cider, candied and caramel apples, apples of every kind, apple butter...a delightful place. I can see why you'd call it a Benediction Day. I think I need to have that kind of day!


  22. Thanks Marqueta! Isn't there something about sheep that just makes you feel at peace?

    Hi Pamela! We all could use a Benediction day. Fortunately in autumn, they are not hard to find!