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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello dear friends!  I've had a lot of thoughts swirling around in my little ole head and I was trying to figure out how to make a cohesive post about them, but there's just no way to make them all come together, so this is just one of those random posts.

Above is a picture of our garden after it has been put to bed for the year.  Well almost, I still have carrots  and leeks to harvest.  I keep saying I'm waiting for a good frost to make the carrots sweet.  That's as good as an excuse for procrastination as any!

People are always telling me they admire my simple life.  While this is very kind and flattering, I cannot take any credit for it.  I give all the glory to God!  All I did was to be smart enough to recognize what He was trying to tell me.  And  even that was God's doing! I am indeed blessed.

Speaking of being blessed, yesterday  Jamie and I went to the "big" city.  It saddened me to see so many homeless and unfortunate people.  I am always reminded "that except for the grace of God, there go I." One thing to do is send a prayer up when you see the unfortunate.  Some mornings I spend a  good amount of time as I read the news, offering prayers for those I read about in the paper.  But of course, "Faith without works is dead." James 2:14, so if you can afford it, give to homeless charities. Maybe volunteer at one.  One time I was with a friend when I gave some money to a homeless man.  "Oh", said the friend, "he'll just spend it on booze."  Well, maybe, who knows?  Maybe not. That is not important.  It was important for him to know that at least one person recognized his suffering and cared.  What is the good of money anyway?

On a lighter note, while we were in a store the song  Celebrate came on the public address system.  You know the song?  I just want to celebrate another day of living.  I just want to celebrate another day of life.  When I was younger and had more burdens, sometimes I got caught up in all the seriousness of life, that I forgot to enjoy it.  So everyday I try to do something completely frivolous.  Like wear a silly hat (you should see the reaction I get from my Dr. Zhivago fur (fake) hat), read a childhood favorite book (for me it's Eleanor  Estes), or go for a moonlight walk.  Yesterday I purchased some lace tights.  I wanted some when I was in fifth grade.  They were all the rage.  But my mother didn't think the were practical.  So fourty years later, I finally have my lace tights!  Only the area between my boots and skirt will be seen, but I'll know they're there! Some people might say that a fifty year old woman is too old to be wearing lace tights, but who cares?  If there was ever a sillier idea in the world, it is fashion.  So have fun with it!

Speaking of marching to your own drum, as I drove down the winding lakeshore  road, I was thinking about the path less taken, as this road is definitely a  road less taken.  Well, I have certainly done that.  From being thrifty in the conspicuous consumption era, to having more than the regulated 2.4 children, to being a stay at home mom when society was telling the world that you were nobody unless you had a fulfilling career.  Hope that my stories of having "been there, done that", give courage to others that are contemplating  going the same route.

Speaking of rubbish that the media tries to hoist upon us, the whole idea that we must have this great journey of self-discovery by going  out a sampling different cultures and lifestyles before we can be fulfilled and become successful wives and mother, is just  nonsense.  I dare say, it has a bit of "New Age" philosophy behind it, you know, the whole "do what you want" theory. What did people do before travel was easy?  Were they all unfulfilled?  Want to "find" yourself?  Spend time in prayer and quiet contemplation.  Be curious about life. Read.  Be selfless rather than selfish.  Listen more, speak less.

Well here's something silly to end this post with.  This past week I was watching some of those  spooky movies that were made in the 70s on YouTube. When I was a youngster, my girlfriends and I would have pajama parties every Friday, pop some popcorn and watch the movie of the week.  Titles like Crowhaven Farm,  Something Evil (an early Spielberg movie), Daughter of Darkness, etc.  They were really goofy and not very scary.  Here's some lesson learned from them: 1) That beautiful bucolic  farmhouse  that you inherit from some aunt that you never met,  or bought for a song is probably not the great deal you first thought it was. 2) Wear something warm to bed the first night spent in your "new" farmhouse.  That way you'll be ready to go outside and search for that mysterious crying that you hear coming from the barn or the woods. 3) Befriend the crazy looking neighbor that's also a local historian.  He'll have all the answers to solving your problems at the end. 4) Those cliquey friendly neighbors?  Probable a coven of witches. 5) Beware of too angelic looking children.  6)  If you hear harpsichord music, you know your goose is cooked. 7)And finally don't worry in the end the solution to the problem is just standing in a very windy room and saying a little rhyme!


  1. Jane...this was quite fun to read and very wise also :)


  2. Hi Jane, loved the post today! I agree, we don't have to wait until all the planets are aligned and every circumstance is perfect to begin having a life. The sooner we set out upon our path the happier our life will be. Anxious years of waiting and worry only stunt us. There is nothing sadder to me, than when I look at a young adult who has failed to launch.

    The truth I guess that most every one knows but rarely speaks loud enough for the next generation to hear is :

    "Life is scary, life is hard work, harder work than you will ever imagine and the hard work is not a punishment but a priceless gift. People are going to need you, children and the elderly will cling to you and you will see those you love suffer, but you will also learn courage dignity and strength. These will grow into your heart and make you into someone who is better than you are today!

    It may seem boring, but stop watching TV, watch you mothers, watch you aunts, grandmas, other older women of experience, listen with humble hearts and they will teach you the important things you will never find in a book. You will ultimately find the connections you seek.
    You will be part of something and have an identity as a woman that no one will ever be able to take away from you.

    Thanks for letting get up on my little soap box Jane. It means a lot to me too. Have a great evening! Delisa ;)

  3. Loved this post! I think doing something frivolous and fun is a great idea, I too take pleasure in celebrating life in this way. Your garden looks beautiful, I still have a bit more to do before I put my garden to bed for the winter. I love your example of simple living, it is encouraging to read! I will have to look up some of those 1970's movies of the week- they sound like they would be fun to watch. Very fun to read post! ~April

  4. Great collection of thoughts Jane! I especially liked your thoughts on giving to the homeless without judgment. You share the same compassionate view as my son Chris, who has been challenging me to think differently. It isn't our place to judge their need level - besides we couldn't do it anyway. As you said, maybe their "need" was to experience the caring of another individual. The money was immaterial.

    I also loved the lace tights story!! (-:

  5. Feel free to climb on that soapbox any time you want Delisa! Sometimes I think I'll finish off this old blog and have the soapbox of all soapbox posts and say all that I really want to say without fear that someone will be offended. So true that life is hard work and scary at times. Sometimes I think that we as parents, think it is loving to shelter our children from the realities of life.

    Thanks April! I could still be harvesting peppers but I just pulled them up. Peppers are the new zucchinis this year! At the end, I couldn't even give them away.

    Hi Sandy! I admire your son so much. Hope he has a successful November mission.

  6. I think you can write a hodgepodge post any was enjoyable reading. I agree that we need to celebrate each day after all it is a gift from God. Thanks for the reminder.

    And thanks for taking time to leave a comment on my blog. I'm so glad you visited.

  7. Hi Sandra! I really enjoyed visiting your pretty blog. I'll be back!

  8. Dear Jane,

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
    Big hug/ lieve knuffel from me.

  9. Thank you Jedidja! I could use a big hug today!

  10. We enjoyed your 'hodgepodge' posting! It's like the way conversations tend to run... one thing reminds you of another to another to another... and before you know you wonder how you got here!

    Chuckled at your commentary about those old 70s 'scary' movies... too funny.

    Oh I love that you bought those lace tights. Doing something a little (or a lot) out of the ordinary -- with a little zany mixed in for good measure certainly spices up the texture and flavour in life!

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in other unexpected places... all wrapped up in a lacy hug!

  11. Glad you enjoyed the post Brenda! I'll take that hug! Thank you. Dealing with the plumber today. Always leaves me feeling a little wrung out when it's over!