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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Due to a computer problem, I'll be unable to post anything  for a while.  Only had this computer for one month and ten days before it broke.  I'm getting more efficient  at breaking them! Ha!  So anyway,   I have to wait until HP sends me a box, then I send in my computer and they fix it (good luck with that!) and then send it back.  How long that will take, heaven only knows.  So here's an extra big bear hug to last until then!  Remember whatever happens concerning the economy or anything else, will just make us stronger if we keep our heads.  

PS:  I guess I'll get to experience my dream of living off-grid for a while.  Be careful what you wish for! :)


  1. Oh, dear! AT least you didn't do what my Sissie did --- she threw her's across the room and shattered it! LOL Enjoy the down time! <3

  2. Oh dear, what a disappoint that may be, Jane. I'm so sorry your pc isn't working and will miss your posts immensely. Hope they get it fixed soon.
    Have a great week, anyway!

  3. Oh! Sorry for your frustration! Because computers are fine until they don't work...then you wonder if they are worth the bother they bring. I will miss your posting but will just read your old posts! Andrea

  4. Hopefully, your computer will be back to you in no time at all. Enjoy your time off grid and know you will be missed.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. oh no, I'm so sorry. Do hope that you can get your computer fixed soon. We will miss you.
    Stay safe and warm!

  6. Oh no, no new post from Jane. Not happy about this. Nannie

  7. I'm so sorry :)
    I guess I'll go read some of your back posts.
    I hope you are back online as soon as possible
    On the bright side, I'm guessing you'll get so much done without internet distractions