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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.
~Matthew 5:9~

Maybe because of what's going on in the world, I've been thinking of this verse a lot recently.  As a matter of  fact, I'd say God is nudging me toward it.  I toss and turn in bed thinking about it,  I wake up thinking about it, when I turn on the TV, I see a verse on one of the Christian TV stations about peace.  The other day I decided to reread one of my favorite childhood books, and what was the title of the chapter I opened it to?  Peace at Last!

No, this isn't a prophesy that  there will be peace in the world.  All Christians know there's only One way that's going to happen.  And because I have studied eschatology for decades, I believe things are only going to get a lot worse.  Sorry that I can't be more Pollyannish about it. No, what I've been  I been thinking about is the actual interpretation of this verse.

My entire life I thought that verse referred to people that  settles squabbles, fights, and wars.  The person that mediates opposing factions.  And it does mean that.  But digging a little deeper, I found another meaning.  Blessed are the people that make peace.  Make as in create.

We all know the drama queen-type person, that is always creating a fuss.  The person you must walk on eggshells around because you worry about "setting" them off?  Well there's a polar opposite  person in the world.  The friend that you know that you can turn to with a secret, and know  that it won't be spread around town.  The mother that has taught her children to be kind and polite.  The patient person that doesn't grumble when given the worst job on the volunteer list, but does it without complaining and even pleasantly. The homemaker, that makes her home a sanctuary, that young and old know they can come to and be welcomed with open arms.  The disabled person that accepts their disability and doesn't whine about it. The wife that doesn't complain. The encourager rather than the critic.   The list can go on and on, there are many ways to create peace. We might not have any control about what goes on in the world, but we can control what goes on in our little part of it. Look at those wonderful Japanese people, standing quietly in line for hours for a bottle of water. Imagine what the world would be if everyone acted that way.  To be a peace maker is to be Christ-like.  Are you a peacemaker?


  1. Nice thoughts for a Sunday.

  2. That was beautifully said Jane. I think you are definitely right, peace is something we must strive for and work toward no matter what our circumstances. It doesn't come without some effort especially in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with messages that make us feel discontent or fearful. I have always found that it is easier to feel peaceful inside when we are focused on caring for the needs of others. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Delisa

  3. Delisa you are so kind and thoughtful, you are definitely a peacemaker!

  4. Good food for thought, Jane. There are so many times during our ordinary days where we can choose to be a "peacemaker" - or not. Even if the situation might seem insignificant to us, it never is. You never know just how that "peace-making" might change the direction of a situation for someone else. It's a good thing to give thought to. Thanks for the well-put reminder!

  5. Dear Jane,

    What a wonderful thought! You have given me much to think on, dear friend. :)

    Thanks for coming by, and for the advice on morels; I hadn't heard the trillium/morel connection before!



  6. Marqueta, you are always so full of joy and kindness, anyone that has ever read your blog, knows that you are truly a peace maker.

    Sandy, you are so right. Every situation is a chance for us to choose what we want to be. I'll try to remember that next time I go into a panic when my computer doesn't work. I'm really the most computer illiterate person you could ever meet!