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Monday, March 7, 2011


Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
 ~ Kinky Friedman ~

 I have an obsession about lipstick.  It probably stems from hearing my father often say , "Well at least she could have put on some lipstick and put a comb through her hair!" My mother was lovely and he had little tolerance for unkempt women.  So anyhow, I'm always on the quest for the perfect shade of lipstick.  I have tubes that are too dark, too pale, too matte, too shiny, too blue-based, too orange,  You get the picture.  Close but no cigar.  I'm the Goldilocks of lipsticks!  So I took all those tubes and melted them together in a small (1/4 pint?) canning jar, over simmering, not boiling water.  Once they melted  I blended them together with a Popsicle stick.  The perfect rosy shade!  I use a lip brush or my fingertip to put it on.

The second tip comes from one of my old 1940s era magazines.  I have really dry skin, so dry that it's painful at times.  Winter weather seems to make matters worst.  I'm always purchasing expensive potions that guarantee soft dewy skin.  Not only are the costly, they just feel so heavy.  My skin feels like it's suffocating.  Then I found this tip in one of those old magazines.  Countess  Blah Blah (don't you love how they always had countesses back then, whatever happened to them?) gives herself a facial before going out to remove flaky dry skin.  Put on a layer of cold cream and leave it on your skin for several minutes.  Then towel off.  I use a warm, damp washcloth to remove mine.  Ponds cold cream is only about $4 for a large jar. A lot cheaper than those $20-$30 concoctions I was using.   And it really works!  Last night I used my old stand-by Noxema, and that worked too.  It's leaving it on the skin for a few minutes before removing, that makes it work.


  1. Don always said that the women looked better at closing time when he played the bar scene...

    Anyhow... I love your beauty tip! What a good idea! I have all these little bits... Wonder if I could use them for this?? Whaddya think??

  2. Matty,that quote gave me a little chuckle today so I thought I'd share it. Made me think of that country song about beer goggles. Yes, you could use this for all those little bits, but when I find a shade I like, I get out a lip brush and use up every last bit. Last time that happened was in the 80s!

  3. Hi Jane, I know exactly what you mean about lipstick. I rarely if ever leave the house without it. I still hear my mother's word's "Your too pale honey, you need some lipstick!" ringing in my ears. I had a perfect shade I have used for 25 years and Loreal discontinued it this year! I have about a half a tube left. I love your idea and I am definitely going to try it. I also have the same issue with face creams. I finally stopped buying creams too and I keep a little custard cup filled with olive oil near my bathroom sink. I just dip my fingers in and rub a little on my skin after I wash my face. I pat my face completely dry with a dry cloth before putting on my makeup. You would think that it would be oily, but it soaks in very quickly. Also I found that with my sensitive skin, if I use milk soap, it doesn't turn my face red or make it burn. Thanks for the great tips! Delisa :)

  4. Hi Delisa! I'm going to give your tip about the olive oil a try. Thanks for telling me about it! Avon made the perfect color lipstick for me, but discontinued it too. That was the only lipstick that I ever used down to the last little bit. Just made up some of my own lipstick concoction yesterday. It turned out to be the perfect rosy color. And now I have lots of it, since it was the combination of about six different tubes of lipstick!

  5. Dear Jane,

    Thanks for the laugh! I love the quote, and I've done that with my old lipsticks before, too. Custom colors! :)

    I love using coconut oil on my face, or my handmade winter hand cream if it's real dry. Noxzema's great, too, though!



  6. It's funny; I've never worn lipstick. Even as a teenager I never thought it looked "right" on me. Now, nobody would recognize me if I wore some. (-:

    I use an Olive Oil product for my hair and I love it. I should try it on my skin, too.