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Thursday, January 27, 2011


The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.  
~Mary Kurtz~

I've been knitting these little slippers since I was ten.  They really knit up quick, usually you can knit a pair in one evening. And they are a great beginner's project.  They can be made for a few dollars because you use a skein of that cheap kind of yarn that you can buy at Wal-Mart and crafts stores (you know the kind).  Sometimes I get frustrated with all the beautiful patterns out there because the require special (and expensive) yarns  that are hard to find in rural areas.   I found the pattern in an old 1940s knitting book.  I was so glad to get reacquainted with this simple pattern. An added plus is that they take no concentration whatsoever, so they make a great take-along project.

Easy Slippers

Instructions are for child's size.  Women's is in parentheses.

3 oz standard knitting yarn (use 2 strands)
Knitting needles : size 9

Cast on 27  (29)stitches.
Row 1: wrong side K9 (9), p1, k7 (9),p1, k9(9)
Row2: K all stitches
Repeat these 2 rows for 5 (6) inches or 2 inches less then desired finished length, allowing 2 (2 1/2) inches for toe.  End on wrong side.

Row 1:  P1*K1, p1: repeat from*to end.
Row2:  K1* p1, k1; repeat from* to the end.
Repeat these two rows of ribbing for 1 1/2 (2) inches, end on wrong side.

First dec. row:  Work ribbing for 7 (9) stitches.* slip1,knit 1 and pass, k1, k2 together*,work 3 (5) stitches in ribbing. Repeat between *s once, finish row in ribbing, 23 (25) stitches.

Next row:  Work ribbing for 7 (9) stitches, p3, work 3 (5) stitches in ribbing, p3, finish row.

2nd dec. row:  Work 6(6) stitches,*k2 together, k1, slip1,k1, pass slip stitch over*, work 1(3) stitches, repeat between *s once.  Finish row. 19 (21) stitches

Break off yarn, leaving an end.  Draw end through all the stitches twice; fasten off securely.


Fold cast-on edge in half and sew edges together for back of heel.  Gathering in the center stitches securely. Sew side edges of ribbing and foot together for 3 (4) inches from toe.

Trim with pom-poms, buckles, or buttons.


  1. What a fun looking little project! Sometimes a simple "no concentration" type project is just what a person and/or beginner needs.

    ps - I love your quote for today!

  2. Sandy, sometimes it's just fun to make something instead of having a long drawn out project. And they are really warm too. I made those for my mom, she has swollen feet, so it's hard to find slippers that fit.

  3. Jane
    If I come there -well not tonight- will you teach me how to knit. I can only crochet and I'm afraid crocheted socks are just not as pretty!

  4. Hi Jane, I made these when I was young and learning to knit too and many times wished I had the pattern. I think this is it! Thank you so much for sharing it!
    Oh and I loved your chocolate recipes, just what I look for..simple from scratch recipes. I can't wait to try them. Thank you again Jane!

  5. I forgot to check 'Notify me' before I clicked 'publish' so this is my post to rectify that. :)

  6. Hi Lori! I make up these little slippers whenever I have the urge to knit something and have leftover yarn. It's always fun to play with different color combinations. They are nice to keep around for when you have visitors. Our visitors are always unprepared for how cold it is up here and they never dress for our weather. Thank you for the nice comments! Feedback is always appreciated. Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend!

  7. Good morning Jane, just wanted to say you are very welcome for my comments but it is I who thank you for your nice posts! Also, I just had a recollection of how very slippery these slippers are on bare floors and since I have all wood floors I guess they will all be made for gifts. I did have a very nice weekend thank you, I hope you did too Jane. I started a new afghan, I love the warmth of it on my lap in the evenings. Have a lovely day!