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Monday, January 24, 2011


All we could do is sit, sit, sit, sit!  And we did not like it.  Not one little bit!
~Dr. Seuss~

Today the  mercury on the thermometer  has dipped below the zero mark.  No one with any sense is doing much unnecessary  traveling.  We are all hunkering down in our little abodes and just trying to "get through"  one of the worst winters we've seen in a long, long time.  This is the time of year that cabin fever sets in. 

I enjoy this solitude because I can make a big mess like sewing new dining room drapes without worrying about any unexpected visitors.  My dining room table is the only workspace large enough for those heavy contraptions.  Yards and yards of hand-embroidered crewel fabric that I bought for a song  from an antique  dealer who wasn't interested in "those old rags"!  With winter's permission to make a mess, I can also try out recipes that are destined to pile the sink high with dirty dishes.

This is also the time when my knitting can receive my full attention.  Time to try out a complicated lacy pattern.  The yarn was twenty-five cents at the thrift store.  If it doesn't work out, I won't be out of much money.

When the family was at home, winter was the time to break out a jigsaw puzzle.  Whenever anyone would stop by, they couldn't resist "trying" a few pieces.  It's good cheap entertainment for all ages.  I usually buy puzzles at garage sales during the summer.  It doesn't matter to me if a piece or two is missing because usually one or two pieces manages to fall upon the floor and consequentially chewed by Georgie our dog.

During a particularly stretch of boredom, I cleaned out my refrigerator and found a few tangerines that were drying out.  An afternoon was spent poking little cloves into the citrus  and was rewarded with some lovely pomanders.  I use those  cheap bottles of spices that can be bought at the dollar stores.  It's called Spice Time and I see that Wal-Mart carries that brand now.

A few years back I bid on and won a large box of vintage magazines.  Three generations of family had fun reading and sharing these.  Now whenever I'm near an antique store, I'll check to see if they have any old magazines.  They are usually cheaper than new ones at the bookstore and even the advertisements  give you enjoyment.  Plus, I've picked up many thrifty ideas from the depression era and war-rationed 1940s editions.

Winter is also a fun time to play cards and board games.  There's some really fun games made now days.  It really bridges the generation gap.  Anyone in the Port Austin area interested in a game of Rook?  A card party is an old-fashioned amusement that would be fun to revive.

Outside there's snowmen to be made , animal tracks to decipher and when was the last time you had a game of fox and geese?  For photographers brave enough to face the cold, this time of year offers so much beauty.

How can anyone be bored in winter?


  1. Wish I lived closer; your house would be fun to "play" at.

    I haven't heard of Rook in years. I think my Grandmother played that - also Flinch which I remember playing with her years ago.

  2. I think the long nights make me nostalgic, Sandy. My parents had a card party at least once a month back when we only had two channels on the old TV. Progress sure has ruined good old-fashioned fun hasn't it? Try asking neighbors if they would like to come over and play cards. They look at you like your nuts. But then maybe I'm just remembering butter mints and peanuts in nut cups. Yum! Where would you buy nut cups now days? Or tally cards? Used to buy them at the dime store but those have fell by the wayside too! It would be fun to get together.

  3. Amen! How fun would that be! I know where to find nut cups! I saw them at a local party store. I doubt anyone knew what they were for! We used to play Canasta for days when I was a child along with Rook. And Rummy games could go to 5000 before we'd stop. So much fun! I love the knitting. I want to see the lace when it is done, Jane, please! I am working on a one skein neckerchief; I have all these singles from other projects and was looking for something useful to do with them. I found it! Put on the kettle! I will be there in 14 hours!

  4. That would be so much fun, wouldn't it Matty? I may need to borrow that pattern, I have a large basket of single skeins of yarn. Only so many mittens you can knit before you get bored with them.

  5. My kids love snow tubing: