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Friday, December 2, 2011


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, inside and out!  Woke up this morning to the soft diffused light of snow.  I defy anyone not to feel happy and childlike  with the first snow fall, it's so magical and fairyland-like.  As you can see in the second picture, just yesterday the grass was green.What a difference a day makes.  It certainly puts you in the Christmas spirit!

So I'll be in the kitchen today baking Christmas cookies.  Every year I say I'm not going to bake any, being zaftig (Ha!  Spell check  didn't recognize this word and suggested softie! That too!) I certainly could do without the temptation, but then someone will say, "just our favorites"and pretty soon I've baked up dozen upon dozens.  But it is nice to give away tins of the goodies.  They are nice to have on hand for unexpected gifts, too.  Plus they've become part of the Christmas traditions  for many of my family members.  Been hearing from some relatives that have been silent lately.  Of course they always mention the tins that I send them.  Hmmm?

When my sister and I were girls,we made batches upon batches of fudge to give away.  We had quite a long list; grandparents, friends,teachers, the vicar, Girl Scout leaders, and of course that cute boy in class. Does anyone make fudge anymore?  You never hear of it.  Probably gone the way of crinoline slips and sock hops!  Well, here's a recipe  that we used:

Mamie Eisenhower's Fudge

Boil for 6 minutes:

4 1/2 C. sugar
2 tbsp. butter
1 can evaporated milk

Pour over:

1 bar German Sweet Chocolate
12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 small jar of marshmallow topping
2 C. cashews, chopped

Stir until blended.  Pour into a 9" greased pan and refrigerate until set.  Cut into small squares. A little goes a long way!

I've talked myself into it.  I'm going to include some of Mamie's fudge in my Christmas tins. Hope my sisters will enjoy this blast from the past.

While all of this festivity is fun, let us not forget the real reason for the season, the birth of our Savior!


  1. so pretty! i love the red berries on the tree against the snow. I agree....cookies in tins are so special for christmas. I will be making your ginger creams as one of mine! And I think I will make your fudge recipe too. love,andrea

  2. I LOVE the vintage white decorations at your window!

    My Mom always made fudge with Marshmallow Cream but I don't think it was exactly this one. All I remember is that it was always very creamy. I also like its name! Mamie was born in Boone, Iowa not far from my birthplace. Her family home is a nice little museum now.

  3. Hi Andrea! Just finished baking up a batch of cookies, now where to put them all until I send them out? Glad you like the ginger creams. I decorate them with a candied cherry and citron for leaves for Christmas. Haven't baked any yet, as spice cookies are my downfall!

    Hello Sandy! The recipe is supposedly Mamie's, printed in an old circa 1950s women's
    magazine. Was the fudge recipe you made called Fantasy Fudge? When we couldn't locate this recipe, we made that one. It was on the back of the Marshmallow Fluff jar. The two recipes taste pretty much the same. Isn't this nice reminiscing about the olden days? Life was certainly sweet in the early 60s! Once Ran retires, I'll have to take a little road trip to Iowa and have a look at Mamie's home. And see where the marvelous Sandy was born!

  4. Oh! I forgot to add, Sandy. I went to a garage sale a few years ago and they had all those little mica houses for a quarter! Lucky find! When I was a little girl my mother strung a string of Christmas lights in my bedroom with those same type of houses, so they feel really special to me. The bottle brush trees are in vogue again so they're easy to locate. Everything old is new again!

  5. Mica houses - that's what they are. I couldn't recall the name earlier.

    And if you do take that trip to Iowa, Jane, the Old Lincoln Highway from Ames, through Boone, and right on to the Nebraska border is beautiful - designated a Scenic Byway! And if it's memories you like, the town of Denison along the route is the birthplace of Donna Reed! (-:

  6. Thank you for the fudge recipe! This looks quick and easy:-)

  7. Oh Jane...what a wonderful tradition. Everything looks so pretty :)


  8. Dear Jane,

    Your snow DOES look beautiful! I had to use an old picture for my Christmas blog header, since it's still green here (green's nice, too, for driving in). :)

    I love your little trees and houses. They remind me of my grandma's house. And fudge, oh my! My mother always made fudge, almond roca, peanut brittle, and cherry cheesecake for Christmas (on top of loads of sugar cookies and gingerbread, of course). No wonder they say we gain an average of 7-10 pounds during the holidays!



    p.s. I'll have to remember the word "softie" as an alternative to zaftig!

  9. You're welcome Anne! It is quick and easy and never fails. Maybe that's why Mamie liked it!

    It was so fun to gather in the kitchen with my sisters, Maria. It was also fun to take the fudge to our friends. In a funny way, it was kind of a ministry, as we took quite a few tins to lonely elderly folks. Sometimes I miss those simpler times so much!

    It sure is easier to drive in green, Marqueta. It was slippery as goose grease today. It's amazing we didn't all fall into a sugar induced coma back then! Now I remember why I don't make fudge anymore! But what happy memories you have of your grandma! Grandmas never worry about healthy food. LOL! Mine always fed us Spam and raspberry ripple ice cream!

  10. Hi Jane! I make fudge too! I don't make it as often as I used to a few years ago, but I whip up a batch about twice a year. I have two recipes I use, one is a darker fudge that my Mom used to call "Old-Timey Fudge". The second is a milk chocolate recipe. I melt together milk chocolate chips, marshmallow cream and evaporated milk. Then I add chopped-up marachino cherries. I refrigerate it overnight before eating. After it sets the area around the cherries magically liquifies like "chocolate covered cherries". Oh my goodness, it is delightful!. How wonderful it must be to have a little snow. We get just a little here in our area of Georgia but it usually comes in mid to late January. Have a great evening ahead! Delisa :)

  11. Jane
    the snow makes everything so bright almost like sunshine -I know it's cold but I love it. I'm gonna try your recipe soon- sounds delicious.

  12. That fudge with cherries so delicious, Delisa! I'll have to add cherries to one half of the batch. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Hi Vickie! And it covers all the brown that's out there. We were surprised at how much snow they got inland. They even had little snowbanks! Georgie and I were out tracking deer in the backyard. I don't know if this means it's going to be a hard winter or not, but they were already eating the bark on the trees. Was none to pleased with them!

  13. dear jane
    what a wonderful decoration....i love the white houses on your window.the first photo just wonderful the white snow and the red berry,just perfect.your fugde recipe sounds very delicious.
    thanks for the recipe.
    i wish we had snow.....but here is it windy and not so good for my bones.
    i wish you a wonderful weekend,
    love and hugs,

  14. We love fudge. My mama gets requests for it all the

    I'm jealous of the snow. Sometimes years go by without us seeing any. :-(

    Our Christmas baking has already commenced. My children request so many things we have to spread the out over the

  15. Your snow looks lovely! I love your decorations too!! I make a multitude of Christmas cookies and fudge (the fantasy fudge recipe) as well, I too am "Zaftig" (thank you for the new word, love it!!), but Christmas cookies are a huge tradition in my family going back many generations, the house just wouldn't feel like Christmas without the smell of cookies baking, and boxes, and platters of cookies being sent out the door for friends and family. Enjoy your snow & Christmas baking :)

  16. So sorry to hear that you are still in pain Regina. Is it arthritis? The wet cold weather is really rough on the joints. Stay inside and keep warm!

    Hi Shara! Wish I could send you down some snow. Especially in March when we are getting sick of it! LOL! Well, I have seven different kinds of cookies baked up. Only the butterhorns and pinwheels left, then on Monday I ship 'em out! Hurray! I'll have room in the fridge again!

    Ha! April, doesn't that sound nicer than "out of shape"? We have new neighbors down the street (yay! the house had been empty for a couple of years), I think I'll make up a tin for them too. The list just keeps on getting longer and longer! But that's OK because I love doing it!

  17. Yum! I do hope you are going to make your wonderful cookies, Jane! The fudge receipt sounds delish... I do love fudge, but mine always is rock hard. I will try this one and see if I can ruin it, too!

    Your picture looks like a Christmas card! It is so pretty and festive. Something about the first snow is sacred to me. I love the quietness of it... and the crispness of the air... and the way all the world slows down For Just A Minute! Enjoy this wonderful day, Jane!

  18. This fudge will stay soft for you Matty. Guaranteed! I know exactly what you mean about snow. The quietness of it all.

  19. I like the first photo of the tree with the 'berries' on it.

    Heheee... did you see the recipe for fudge on my blog? It is soooo easy. I've been really good and given away most of the fudge.

  20. I still do! Every Christmas! I make 2 kinds, the Fantasy Fudge and Caramel Fudge (chocolate and caramel). I'm dreaming of a white Christmas your decorations and what a deal! The memories are priceless though aren't they? :)

    1. Yum! Caramel and chocolate sounds wonderful. Sometimes I make a peanut butter fudge using the Fantasy fudge recipe. The trouble is, it just makes so much. I'm already dreaming of Christmas, also. One of the things we did with our guests was to shop at all the Christmas open house that they had this weekend. Since we live on a fixed income, we have to spread out the purchasing of presents. Oh! I bought my granddaughter the cutest little purse today. After having all boys, it's so much fun to shop for a little girl!